This is beautiful. It will surely inspire love for Allah and His Messenger. may Allah bless him and give him peace.
Sheikh Nuh Ali Salman
Grand Mufti of Jordan

“A beautiful hard-cover book, one your children will want to read again and again with or without the CD, improving their grasp of well-written English along the way. MIRACULOUS HAPPENINGS IN THE YEAR OF THE ELEPHANT- HARDBOUND BOOK
Abu Yusuf
Amman, Jordan

“My children and I were enthralled. This account will stir your soul and stimulate your mind. I recommend it most sincerely to anyone, young or old, who loves to hear of the lives of our prophets and draw lessons from them.” BOWING OF THE STARS
Fowzia Bora
United Kingdom

“The work is unparalleled in the purity and clarity with which it expresses the emotions and events. One feels one is really there beholding the various happenings.”
Sohail Hanif
Instructor at SunniPath.com

“My four-year old son Dawoud and I were spellbound by this telling, dazzled by the grandeur of the story. For the first time I felt the beautiful reality of the Prophet Yusuf, the magnificence of his personality. The next day, Dawoud retold all of the part we had heard to his father. He still wants to listen again and again and his understanding grows each time.” BOWING OF THE STARS
Heba Salem
Amman, Jordan

“Even very young children love the language and walk around repeating parts of it as they listen, the best language instruction you could ever give a toddler.” MIRACULOUS HAPPENINGS IN THE YEAR OF THE ELEPHANT
Abu Yusuf
Amman, Jordan

“My husband and I purchased the audio recording of this story when our daughter was about 15 months old and I played it almost every day for a few weeks. It was the first recorded story that I ever played just for her and I wasn?t sure how she would react. She LOVED it! Even though she was too young to understand the content of the story, she would obviously be paying close attention to the sound effects and the voice of the storyteller. She would bounce up and and down to the beat of the drums, and repeat ?Allah!? whenever she heard it being said in the story. Playing the story would almost immediately quiet her if she was feeling cranky and put a big smile on her face especially as she “danced” to the drumbeats.” MIRACULOUS HAPPENINGS…
Umm Hamza

“MashaAllah! My children still listen to your retelling of the Year of the Elephant and love it!”
Umm Sahla

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