What others are saying about “When Wings Expand”

What others are saying about “When Wings Expand”

Alhamdullilah, we have had many positive responses about the book, When Wings Expand.

I am including a sampling of the comments from some readers. Those who have read the book please feel free to share your thoughts about the book here.

Um Ibrahim, the book is wonderful. I am reading it to my 7-year old, and every time we stop, she can’t wait for the next time we read again…There are so many reminders of our purpose supported by beautiful seerah stories, hadith, quranic ayat. And the life cycle of creation, death, and then our true awakening in the akhira. The best part is that this book is so real and raw. This is reality and something we must go back to over and over again since our tendency is to forget…I love your creativity and insight and fluidity of words and style. I love how you were able to get inside this character and present her story with such articulation, sensitivity, and wisdom mashallah.

May Allah spread this book far and wide and allow it to reach the hearts of all of this ummah.

From UA


I recently read and heard Umm Ibrahim’s newest book, ‘When Wings Expand.’ This is a must-have book for all Muslim families…Why is this book so special? There are a few reasons and I hope that parents will recognize the need for this book in not only their children’s libraries, but in their hearts as well.

 1) It teaches children about the reality of death and suffering but frames it in a very positive manner. The young girl turns to Allah as her source of strength through the intense hardship she is enduring after losing her mother. Yet, there is also a moment where she turns away from Allah, packs up her Quran, and takes off her hijab after becoming frustrated with her life. But when she realizes the wrong that she committed, she returns to her Creator and in a more beautiful and sincere form…By teaching children this concept at such a young age, it can be helpful for their own spiritual growth, as well as helping them deal with their own tests in life by helping them realize they are not alone in how they feel.

 2) The main character is a great example of how Muslim children should spend their free time. The main character spends her free time helping her family around the house, memorizing Quran, studying for school, and interacting with her friends, community members, etc This may be a helpful and subtle way for parents to point their children in the right direction…

 3) It’s very well-written and presented in a way that is very relative for young adults. It’s not boring. It’s not dramatic. It doesn’t have ghosts and aliens. It’s just a normal, everyday experience of a young adult. A very real experience…

From Naielah A.


I read the book within two days and I just wanted to say that it was beautiful. I was impressed by several things. I loved that the theme rang clear and true throughout the book, and the concept of saying “yes” to Allah no matter what was the most amazing central message a book for young adults (or anyone, really) could ever have. The personality of the main character and her brother were well developed and three dimensional. There were a few passages describing her grief that were very real and vivid…

From Umm Tooba


…I was inspired by the transformation of the character, Nur, as I progressed through the story…The story takes the reader, whether young or old on a journey of the heart. The author captures flawlessly the emotional turmoil that is wrought by the illness and eventual death of Nur’s mother…Nur gradually transforms throughout the story. In the beginning she is anxious. As the story developed, I felt her fear and dread, then eventual sadness. Sadness gives way to anger and despair. Some people never recover from these emotions after the death of a loved one, but Nur does. Her eventual acceptance of what has happened and how that happens, is the writer’s greatest gift to the reader…

From F. Salahuddin


I invite others who have read the book to send in your comments and thoughts.

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