A Storytelling Performance at Miftah Uloom Academy in Union City, New Jersey

A Storytelling Performance at  Miftah Uloom Academy in Union City, New Jersey


The wonderful students and staff of Miftah Uloom Academy listening to my performance of “The Fall of the Tyrant.”

I am really grateful to have had the opportunity of telling the story to such profound listeners. Believe me, after having visited schools for many years, I can say that children are only able to listen like that when they are being nurtured and educated in a deep way that is impacting their hearts, their spirits, and their minds, and one that is clearly developing their integrity, compassion, and capacity to respond in a world and a time that is increasingly antagonistic to such development.

Faatimah Yanes, theĀ principalĀ of Miftah Uloom Academy had this to say about the performance: “Sister Maryam Sinclair is a wonderful storyteller. All of our children from preschool through 12th were captivated by her telling of the story of Musa. She brings the story to life and adds many historical and scientific facts that further support the reality of the events. It was amazing to see how she could keep the attention of almost 200 students for more than one hour. Every student I spoke to after said it was great and they learned a lot. I highly recommend Sister Maryam Sinclair to all Islamic educators.”

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  1. Do you ever think you might visit Ontario? If you ever think of it I hope you will let me know in case you would be willing to do a reading at our mosque’s girls club. I think it would be very encouraging for the girls to meet a Muslim author especially a female one.

    • salams, Angela, barakallahu feeku for your interest. I would certainly like to come to Ontario, especially since my new book Wings takes place in Toronto! I would be happy to communicate more with you. Can you leave me your email address here?


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