Home Again

Home Again

My trip to Florida and New York was alhamdulillah successful and not too tiring. I had so much help from my friends in Orlando and New Jersey, my (very pregnant alhamdulillah) sales agent and research/editing friend in New Haven, and last but most of all my son and his dear family in Northern Vermont, ice country. I’m very grateful that I have a special permission for traveling because of my work and want to make it clear that other than that I stick to the traveling limits for women because I have found that taking the medicine of Islam as it is prescribed rather than as I would prefer to take it brings the most sweetness.

The live performances of The Fall of the Tyrant were very exciting. I had a full week in a beautiful Florida lake-side setting to prepare, and then three school performances and a community organization event that was really special because it was all adults. After a short lovely visit with my grandsons and their parents in their new home I went to New York, where there were three more schools, two of which I had visited before, two years ago. In every school venue I found that children from kindergarten to HS seniors loved the material and listened eagerly in hour-and-a-half-long sessions and showed with their questions a thirst for more knowledge about it alhamdulillah.

In New Haven I had the opportunity to meet with a scholar of Egyptian history in the Yale library. This has inshaAllah opened up some new research locations for me and was very beneficial. The hour-and-a-half train trip from NY to New Haven was a great highlight!


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